Don Conroy — Chilliwack, BC
this is Don Conroy, an ambulance attendant. Althoguh being a fat slob who looks like Shrek he uses the story of issues with his wife to build relationships with the parents of his children’s friends. He doesn’t care that he’s married or their married. He lies to them just like he does his wife to hook up with anyone willing to join him on trips to the lake or any free time he can find. He will talk your ear off and pretend to be your friend not really caring about how it’ll effect your life, He refuses to use a condom and is very rough even though he can barely get a hard on. Now here’s the worst part, he uses the school as his stocking ground asking for blow jobs, etc. in the forest between his house and Promontory elementary, close enough that it could be seen by the children that go there. Uses his oldest child to watch his others so he can make his hook ups views. Just an all round disgusting human being who’s behavior borders on criminal