Started dating seriously or what I thought was in October he had told me he loves me three weeks end of the relationship which should’ve been a red flag. Come to find out he was on probation for 15 years for dealing meth. He had just got out of rehab and was living on the street before that. He is a master manipulator and a liar I didn’t find this out until it was too late. He was telling five other women that he loves them all so on video chat and on Facebook. He is addicted to p**n and he is impotent. Again he can lie to your face without even a blink of an eye. He will tell you you’re pretty you’re the only one you’re better than the ones before you he loves you more than anyone else before. He doesn’t have a house and he just got a car he is a very unstable ladies beware !! You’re dealing with a narcissist here. Did I mention he has no teeth? What was I thinking ?? Lol
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