Soon to be 48 and still lives with his mama! He has another unsuspecting woman that fell for his BS lies on Yahoo 360. I want to warn this woman but I can’t, all I can do is hope she is smart enough to check out this site and see what he is all about. If I tried to warn her, he will tell her I am jealous and I’m lying, I swear on my kid’s life this man is a con artist and he does have s*x with his dog! What man wants his Johnson to be bitten? I never ran into one before him. He LIVES on yahoo and you will find him on 360 with women of all ages drooling over him. BEWARE BEWARE OF THIS MAN! HE is SICK! But if you have s*x with him be prepared that you will have s*x with his dog… can’t say I didn’t warn you. Wear protection! The picture posted is a very old picture of him. He looks good in that picture but in real life, he has a beer gut and a fat a*s and he has skin tags on his face, neck and he has aged, he is 40 lbs overweight. HE IS NOT WHAT HE SAYS HE IS! I can’t warn you enough! He wants women to be fit and trim but if you tell him you are overweight, he will tell you it’s all right. Then tells everyone that you are a disgusting pig. He is superficial and your personality will not matter, you as a person will not matter as long as he can use you, he will. IF you are overweight, he will have s*x with you and then says he is disgusted with you when he is just as fat. He will belittle you and suck the life out of you, he will drain you of your energy. Is an opportunist, he is waiting for his mother to die so he will get whatever money he has come to him, what man wants his mother to die so he will have money? He filed bankruptcy and has no credit. He uses his mother’s charge cards to travel. In October of this year, he traveled to Rhode Island, Maine, New York, meeting women that he has as friends on Yahoo 360. He will come across as a decent guy and you will think you are the luckiest woman on earth. HE IS BROKE! HE is 47 soon to be 48 and still lives with his mother! He can’t even get a charge card or a loan because he has such bad credit. The purpose of his trip was to visit these single women and see if YOU can take care of him, he wants to know what you have for assets. An EX~FRIEND introduced me to him and I couldn’t believe how believable he was in the beginning. HE WILL force you to have s*x with his dog, he will literally hold you down and let it happen. I was lucky enough and escaped to the bathroom. Thank G*d! I wish I could turn back time but I can’t, I can only warn you NOW! For a few weeks, maybe months you will get along with him but then he will twist your words and put words in your mouth and cause a fight. He lives off of drama so all his female friends on 360 will have pity on him. He says he hates fake pictures but then he posts OLD PICS of himself to draw women in. He is funny and that is how he will sucker you in. He has a small p***s and he will not satisfy you sexually, he is selfish and as long as he got off. He jerks off watching women having s*x with horses, SICK! He has phone s*x with women behind your back and he tells you he is a one~woman man when in fact he cheats and you will never know it until it’s too late. WEAR PROTECTION, some of the women he has had s*x with are very questionable. He also wants you to have s*x with other men and women. is PERVERTED! DON’T BELIEVE a WORD HE SAYS. He is a butcher in the local supermarket, so if you see him RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! I can’t stress it enough. IF you fall for him and end up having unprotective s*x you better be tested. And be prepared to have s*x with his poor dog Henry. He will stand in front of you and look you straight into your eyes and tell you LIES. HE is a big-time LOSER. He is single for a reason ladies but dates women on 360 until he finds another woman, he is a womanizer and he will use you. His yahoo screen name is shanethemidget and on yahoo 360 goes by BOCO NUT.

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