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Mike Dahlor & Kelly Baumli — Missouri Around Mike’s wedding anniversary is when these two started fcking each other. They met in Lincoln, MO working for Regal Beloit. She knew he was married but didn’t care. She didn’t give up til she got her man. And while he’s shutting off the utilities to the house his wife & her kids are living in, (without telling her & it’s in December when it’s freezing), he’s also busy making snow hearts outside for Kelly & she’s bragging on social media “oh little brother, he’s SO good to me!”. He swore he would never do anything like that to his wife after they both went through it with their first marriages. He blamed his wife & made up lie after lie about her. He gave up the best thing to happen to him for a white trash homewrecking whore he only knew for about 3 months. What a fuking idiot.