Hi, I’m Nana, and I’m a dirty whore who not only cheated on my own husband, but I also cheated with a married man and tore apart their family. I play a victim so well, it sucked him in right away and suddenly he was the ‘hero’ of my sob story.
I’m extremely proud of myself because I continued this charade for 9 months even though both my husband and my male mistress’s wife found out about it 5 months into the affair.I’m notorious for this too, as I’ve thrown myself at men in the past because I dislike my husband and crave the attention. I’ve done that even while my husband was standing right there! I’m a quality lady obviously.
I also faked being pregnant and told the guy that it was his baby and I was keeping it, simply because I was angry that he was still sleeping with his wife. So I guess you could say I was mad that he was cheating on me with his own wife. I’m pathetic, selfish, manipulative and so psychotic that I thought I could use entrapment to get him to stay with me, even though he wants to stay with his wife and kids and not leave them for me.
Oh and did I forget to mention that the affair started at his own sister’s destination wedding? (I’ve known and been close with his sister since junior high, so over 20 years now). Not only did him and I collectively ruin his wife and kid’s lives, I also backstabbed my longtime friend and ruined my friendship with her.Again, I’m a quality chick and I’m so proud that I get to add homewrecker to my list of accomplishments in life.