Sean Miller also goes by Omutsupad) is an attention w***e YouTuber that makes the s****y top list on youtube. However, on April 1st, 2017 Sean outed himself as a diaper furfag on kiwi farms. Immediately regretting his decision he begged Null to remove the post to no avail. He currently has 19,000 subscribers and 2 million views. Sean joined YouTube on September 28, 2013. It started off as a Minecraft channel but turned into a horror channel in 2014. The dark world has a long history with tatstopvideos was he edited and found gameplay footage. From there he decided the long videos tats created weren’t what he wanted to do. So he decided to create the YouTube page Derpbubbles. He created slender man videos and top gives and would eventually get better quality through each upload. However, in 2017, some drama came out with perdition and kiwi farms. So they rebrand the channel to Dark World. I started doing interviews instead of top fives and changed the aesthetic from creepypasta to 80’s horror.